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Air conditioning and refrigeration energy optimization solutions

COOLNOMIX® delivers world-beating energy savings on air-conditioners and refrigerators. Since the worldwide commercial launch of COOLNOMIX® in October 2012, energy and cost savings have been enjoyed by customers from many different industrial sectors through deployment of this technology. COOLNOMIX® is consistently providing awesome savings:

  • An average 40% savings on air-conditioners of any kind and any size
  • An average 30% savings on manufacturing, F&B and retail refrigerators

With such massive energy savings, in many climates around the world COOLNOMIX® delivers reductions on electricity bills of between 20 - 30%!


This section is divided into two parts that provide information on our patented COOLNOMIX® Technology along with answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

COOLNOMIX® Technology.

All COOLNOMIX® products make use of our unique, patented advanced control technology called Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®).

This COOLNOMIX® ORS® technology uses two temperature sensors in an algorithmic energy trading control arrangement to monitor the thermodynamic (room or space temperature) and the hydraulic (refrigerant supply) performance of the connected air conditioning, heating or refrigeration system.

In operation this algorithmic energy trading approach first uses the room or space temperature sensor to ensure that a required setpoint has been achieved. Subsequently, this temperature sensor ensures that the space is maintained within +/-0.5°C (+/-0.9°F) of the required setpoint. Meanwhile a second temperature sensor connected to the indoor evaporator coil is used to identify when the compressor has done it's useful hydraulic work in producing a supply of high-pressure liquid refrigerant. Using a complex algorithmic energy trading strategy the COOLNOMIX® ORS® advanced control system then starts and stops the compressor at appropriate times to optimize running costs consistent with the inbuilt algorithmic energy trading strategy.

For more information about the experience of some of the worldwide businesses enjoying such savings, to explore how COOLNOMIX® can deliver such savings on your cooling systems and for any free trials and demonstrations please feel free to contact us joseph @ and rahul @