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Thin-wall dripline with flat dripper.THE BEST AND SAFEST CHOICE.

What it is?

AZUD LINE is a thin-wall dripline with integrated dripper, which offers maximum safety for seasonal crops. It is long-lasting, more resistant to clogging, more precise and uniform during the irrigation process. AZUD LINE is the best choice.


  • For irrigation of intensive crops.
  • For surface and subsurface irrigation.
  • Savings on installation and maintenance costs.
  • Varied dripline lenghts.
  • High Resistance to clogging.
  • Inlet filter that prevents the particles from entering into the dripper.

Maximum Protection Against Clogging

AZUD LINE drIpper filter equipped with AZUD technology and thanks to its triple protection system, provides the dripper with maximum safety and prevents the entrance of particles that may lead to clogging:

Three simultaneous processes.

  • Dynamic Protection system The hydrodynamic design of the fiter together with its wide filtering area prevent the suspended particles in the water are not introduced into the dripper.
  • LINEAL protection system. A suitable placement of the filter together with the flow directions allow the particles retained by the filter to be released when the water circulation speed increases in the emitter line, separating them from the filter and the (ripper and therefore protecting the dripline from dogging.
  • Mechanical protection system. The filter acts as a barrier and restricts the entrance of particles into the dripper.