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GREENMAX products are used to protect and establish newly transplanted trees, and also to invigorate and enhance the future growth and value of existing trees. GREENMAX products helps towards making  landscaping more sustainable and feasible for  the Urban Environment.  GREENMAX  products are made of high-quality 100% recyclable materials which can be returned for recycling when they are no longer needed.

Root and Water Management

Sandwich Panel: Sandwich Panel 74 is specially developed for situations where the traffic loads cannot fully be handled by tree substrates and to prevent local rutting.

Root Barriers

Root Control: Root Control® is a coated, non-woven consisting of continuous heat-bonded filaments. Because of its unique properties Root Control® is extremely suitable to counteract the harmful consequences caused by the growth of roots.

Root Commander: Root Commander® is suitable for most tree roots and has for many years been an integral part in combating the unchecked growth of roots in many cities and towns. With its 360 g/m², double-sided coating non-woven cloth Root Commander® is a root barrier of the heaviest type. Light and very flexible to use.

Root Block: The 1 or 2 mm thick RootBlock® is a root barrier of the heaviest type from our range (other thicknesses available on request). RootBlock® is suitable for any type of root and soil and has for many years been an integral part in combating the unchecked growth of roots in many cities and towns.

Root Master: The guide system was designed in 1976 to prevent paving from being pushed up. Young tree roots grow horizontally and are stopped by the specially profiled panel. The guide ribs force the roots straight down (without the ribs the roots would continue to circle along the wall, as a result of which the tree would suffocate and would not become stable). Once reaching the bottom (when using RM 30, RM 45 and RM 60) the roots can continue to grow horizontally, so that the tree becomes well anchored into the earth and damage to paving is avoided.

AquaMax Water Reservoir: The AquaMax water reservoir is a functional solution to keep the trees healthy. During the summer period it has an added benefit of protecting the trunk against mower or trimmer damage whilst in the winter it will protect against gritting operations.

Tree Boxes

Tree Boxes: The durable tree boxes designed by tree professionals for professionals in the landscape sector. If trees located on a permanent location are not an option for you, tree boxes will offer a good solution. It is important that your plants or trees are placed in an elegant tree box.

Tree Anchoring

Root Ball Anchoring: The demand to anchor trees without unsightly stakes or guy wires is increasing. The GreenMax root ball anchoring is an efficient and reliable method to anchor the trees underground and greatly improve the visual impact of the landscape. The trees will receive extra support without visible timber or stakes.

GreenMax Tree Tie: The GreenMax Tree Tie is used to easily bind up and fix trees.

Tree Trunk Protector

Tree Protect: TreeProtect® protection of the trunk is a cheap, effective and a reliable solution to protect trees against mowing damage and rodents.

ArboTape: The ArboTape® wound sealer is made of 100% renewable raw materials and also is 100% biodegradable. ArboTape was tested in its suitability by the Institute for Tree Care in Hamburg.

Irrigation System/ Aeration System

AirMax & AquaMax: The AirMax aeration system and the AquaMax irrigation system is a highly effective and easy to install system for the convenient irrigation of trees.

NatuDrain: Natudrain® is a compostable drainage and aeration system produced from corn and the bio synthetic granulate Cradonyl®.